I’ve known Tim since I was in preschool. Yes, preschool. For those counting, we’re coming up on 29 years of friendship.

In our adult lives, we’ve never lived in the same town. We went to different colleges, and started our families in different states (mine, in another country.)

And while our lives haven’t unfolded in proximity to one another, we’ve found ourselves in a similar season of life – both doing our best to figure out how to parent a toddler.

I think there’s a seismic shift that happens in parenthood. On the inside, it mostly feels like chaos (smelly, sleep-deprived chaos.)

But from the outside looking in, I always see authenticity blooming. And witnessing one of my longest-time friends interact with his baby girl… well – let’s just say, I’m lucky I snagged at least a few shots in teary-eyed-focus.

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