more about me.

Sometimes people say, its hard to keep track of what I am up to. I understand this, because sometimes its hard for me to keep track myself.

I do a lot of things, and its not because I feel I have to, its because I get to.

My day job is part-time, and I work from home. Its a company I’ve been with for 8 years, and we are privileged to receive the stability of this income.

I also teach yoga.

I teach one class a week at a local gym. Its restorative and contemplative movement and it’s one of my highest honors to get to hold space for the students who show up.

I also teach and photograph for Camp Glow it Up. Twice a year we retreat away into the Berkshire mountains for a weekend of connection and introspection. It’s led and facilitated by my dearest friends, and its the breath of fresh air I need. You can come join us too, if you want.

I spend the rest of my time photographing life, and writing about it.

Photography and writing go hand in hand for me. Because while I like words, there are some moments I can’t articulate.

I find it best to document it in a photograph, leaving room for feelings to take precedence instead of words.

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