being human.

I practice reflecting deep, but I resist going deep with other humans. It’s really difficult for me to be fully seen as I am.

Being part of a women’s circle, makes space for me to practice this kind of vulnerability. People often ask; what is a women’s circle? What do you do?

Mostly, we hold space. We sit and listen, and ask good and hard questions about each other and ourselves. We tell each other things we really don’t want to. Sometimes we hear things we don’t want to, but really need to.

In this space, I get to take off every hat, every role, every expectation and every label. I exist only as Sarah, the soul that inhabits this body.

There is something so intangibly sacred about this space. We exist as we are; beloved, treasured, championed and held.

[photos are from a women’s circle retreat, away in the mountains of New Hampshire.]

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