I’m a sucker for a good love story. But what makes a love story “good”?

I think its authenticity. Because that’s where real and freeing love blooms.

The kind of love where you get to not only be your whole self, but continue moving towards the fullness of it.

“We don’t wear any masks with each other and we daily choose to love all the good and all the mess that we each bring to the table.” Lindsey

Those are the stories I want to bear witness to. Because that’s the kind of love that heals all that’s hurting in the world.

Lindsey and James are at the very beginning of their love story.

The road to finding one another was marked by heartache and healing – but man, the grace is written in their joy.

Lindsey and James – thanks for modeling the way to love.

Cheering you on, in all things.

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