mindful consuming.

I consider mindfulness the cornerstone of all that I do.

For me, its more than bringing my awareness to the present moment. Its about bringing all of myself into every interaction, behavior or choice that I make.

I notice a huge shift in habit, when I apply mindfulness to things I purchase. I don’t buy nearly as impulsively, or as a means of emotional avoidance.

Before making a purchase, I ask myself these questions:

  • Is this item functional? Does it meet a need or serve a purpose? If so, is it sustainably/ethically made?
  • Does this item improve our quality of life?
  • Is this item sentimental or a piece of art? Is it handmade or local?
  • Can we find this, or something similar, second-hand?

By running down this checklist, many things end up unneeded. This practice of identifying what is essential to purchase, changes how I view what is essential in every realm of my life.

My mindset shifts from a desire to consume, to a restored reverence for what it means to own something.

I practice this with everything in our home. From products we use to plants we care for.

I decant items (such as Epsom salts) into glass jars and store them out in the open. This makes the look of storing them– and the experience of using them– more intentional.

As a result, I don’t feel a desire to decorate our home. What you see around our house reflects two basic things; what we use, or what we love.

This minimalist and mindful approach to making a home makes me feel like I can exhale into the margins.

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