I am certain that there’s magic to be found in your every-day life.

I also know, most of us don’t have enough time to slow down and notice.

That’s where I come in.

My approach to photography is mindfulness first.

I bring my most authentic and present self to your session, and I ask that you do the same.


We won’t spend time posing or creating a fabricated environment – I want to preserve the present, exactly as it is.

It’s my way of bringing mindfulness to every-day moments. And in the end, I hope the photos will show you that your life – raw and unfiltered –  is a story worth remembering.


What to expect

My sessions aren’t in a studio, or filled with props. I show up to a location of your choice, perhaps your home (I really love sessions at home) and I take a backseat to whatever interaction organically happens among you.

I provide direction where needed, but it wont be fussy or overly posed. Basically, I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so that when you receive your photos you feel as though they represent the most authentic you.

Sound like something you’re interested in?

A bit about me.

I’m a mama to a two year old and wife to a scientist. They both light me up inside. I drink a lot of coffee and battle impostor syndrome on the daily. I’m doing my best to show up as my most authentic self, in all places.

I’m passionate about climate and racial justice, and those things guide much of my wok. By day, I work for an architecture firm. I also hold an appointed seat on my town’s Climate Action Committee. Occasionally I teach yoga, and I am a staff member of Camp Glow it Up, an all-inclusive retreat for women.

I am determined to leave this earth better than I found it – for generations to come, especially the one I hold in my arms.

I’d love to hear about what makes you, you. Tell me sometime?

big love,

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