“Our lived-in perspective is not always the same as the reality unfolding. Its all magic, I think.”

Last year, I met this family specifically to take fall photos. This year, I find myself beyond thankful for all that has manifested in my life, because Meg is in it.

My time with them embodies what I love most about photography – beauty in the otherwise mundane. Moments between a mama and babe that might feel repetitive or exhausting in the moment, are the snaps that leave me speechless.

It reminds me, that our lived-in perspective is not always the same as the reality unfolding. Its all magic, I think.



camp glow it up

I spent a weekend in the mountains with 13 women, eager to connect to self and other. To me, there’s nothing more stunning than bearing witness to people bearing the beautiful and broken bits of their soul. Its sacred space. That’s what Camp Glow it Up is about – creating space for women to be exactly who they are, in unashamed fullness.



My most pivotal shift in mindfulness occurred when I started paying attention to small details. How the wood-grain floor mimics layers of earth, the way shadows from trees dance on my wall. These things don’t exist because I live some extra-special life. They already exist, and I just take special care to notice.

And that, I think, is what makes life beautiful. When you can look at all that you have, and be in awe of what unfolds before you. Photography is my medium for mindfulness.



katie + chris + clover

I first met Katie on the phone, and I kind of fell in love with her soul right then.

Our passions overlap, and she’s blazing trails I want to follow. She has a glow about her that is both tender and powerful. It’s the mark of a woman who knows she is well loved.

Its been almost a year since Clover made them a family of three. But they exist as though they know no other way. Observing them laugh and connect in the space they call home, was a glimpse of humanity at its best.