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I believe joy is rooted in contentment. And most of the time, we’re too busy to see the beauty found in every day moments.

My lifestyle sessions aim to do just that – discover joy right where you are. Whether its a wood-burning stove, shadows on the wall, your favorite plants,  a cooling pie on the counter, or a kiddo in their play space. There is magic everywhere in the spaces you already inhabit…I promise.


I carry laundry up the stairs, for what feels like the tenth time this week. It probably was the sixth.

I close the open cupboards. Didn’t I just close them? I can’t remember

This existence is repetitive, I sigh.

I wonder if nature grumbles this way.

I doubt trees groan at the wind, as it rustles their leaves a thousand times over.

Flowers don’t seem to mind bees returning for the same pollen. And maybe the bees don’t mind laboring the same each day.

Maybe daily repetitions aren’t so much a complaint to lodge, but a contentment to behold… to hear harmony created amid the rhythms.


My most pivotal shift in mindfulness occurred when I started paying attention to small details. How the wood-grain floor mimics layers of earth, the way shadows from trees dance on my wall. These things don’t exist because I live some extra-special life. They already exist, and I just take special care to notice.

And that, I think, is what makes life beautiful. When you can look at all that you have, and be in awe of what unfolds before you. Photography is my medium for mindfulness.