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moments of joy.

The sum of each day feels overwhelming. The reality we wake up to each day unfolds with uncertainty. But among the unfamiliar, lies opportunity for uncharted joy. Joy found in single moments, that I string together to rewrite the narrative in my head. Moments of connection and wonder. Moments where I see a plant with fresh eyes, having previously deemed it an eye-sore. I … Read More moments of joy.

mindful consuming.

I consider mindfulness the cornerstone of all that I do. For me, its more than bringing my awareness to the present moment. Its about bringing all of myself into every interaction, behavior or choice that I make. I notice a huge shift in habit, when I apply mindfulness to things I purchase. I don’t buy nearly as impulsively, or as a means of emotional … Read More mindful consuming.

mindful cooking.

There’s a renewed purpose that ignites when I practice mindfulness during every-day tasks. I like to practice this when I cook. I honor the ingredients, the labor that harvested them, and the earth that sustained them. And all of the sudden, in the middle of a messy kitchen, I’ve embarked on a spiritual practice. One that turns my redundant mindset, to one of reverence. … Read More mindful cooking.

being human.

I practice reflecting deep, but I resist going deep with other humans. It’s really difficult for me to be fully seen as I am. Being part of a women’s circle, makes space for me to practice this kind of vulnerability. People often ask; what is a women’s circle? What do you do? Mostly, we hold space. We sit and listen, and ask good and … Read More being human.

home for the holidays

Scenes from our time in Ohio. I take random photos around my home and places we visit. It helps me practice the art of pausing.. Before I took the photo below, all I could see was a box of diapers and dirty clothes piled on the bed. I snapped this shot peering through a cracked door, and now all I can see is a … Read More home for the holidays


My most pivotal shift in mindfulness occurred when I started paying attention to small details. How the wood-grain floor mimics layers of earth, the way shadows from trees dance on my wall. These things don’t exist because I live some extra-special life. They already exist, and I just take special care to notice. And that, I think, is what makes life beautiful. When you … Read More mindfulness