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the blake family.

There’s something extra life-giving about photographing people I love. Its like saying, “this is how I see you.” And the way I see Annie is, a beam of light. She’s radiant and empathic and knowing her is a gift to my soul.



I’ve known Tim since I was in preschool. Yes, preschool. For those counting, we’re coming up on 29 years of friendship. In our adult lives, we’ve never lived in the same town. We went to different colleges, and started our families in different states (mine, in another country.) And while our lives haven’t unfolded in proximity to one another, we’ve found ourselves in a … Read More tim+ashlee+charlotte

home for the holidays

Scenes from our time in Ohio. I take random photos around my home and places we visit. It helps me practice the art of pausing.. Before I took the photo below, all I could see was a box of diapers and dirty clothes piled on the bed. I snapped this shot peering through a cracked door, and now all I can see is a … Read More home for the holidays


devine family

kurth family

This is the second season I have photographed the Kurth Family. Their property makes for an incredible backdrop for me to bear-witness to who they are.





“Our lived-in perspective is not always the same as the reality unfolding. Its all magic, I think.” Last year, I met this family specifically to take fall photos. This year, I find myself beyond thankful for all that has manifested in my life, because Meg is in it. My time with them embodies what I love most about photography – beauty in the otherwise … Read More meg+arlo+ben

katie + chris + clover

I first met Katie on the phone, and I kind of fell in love with her soul right then. Our passions overlap, and she’s blazing trails I want to follow. She has a glow about her that is both tender and powerful. It’s the mark of a woman who knows she is well loved. Its been almost a year since Clover made them a … Read More katie + chris + clover