Category: mindfulness

moments of joy.

The sum of each day feels overwhelming. The reality we wake up to each day unfolds with uncertainty. But among the unfamiliar, lies opportunity for uncharted joy. Joy found in single moments, that I string together to rewrite the narrative in my head. Moments of connection and wonder. Moments where I see a plant with fresh eyes, having previously deemed it an eye-sore. I … Read More moments of joy.

mindful consuming.

I consider mindfulness the cornerstone of all that I do. For me, its more than bringing my awareness to the present moment. Its about bringing all of myself into every interaction, behavior or choice that I make. I notice a huge shift in habit, when I apply mindfulness to things I purchase. I don’t buy nearly as impulsively, or as a means of emotional … Read More mindful consuming.


lifestyle sessions

I believe joy is rooted in contentment. And most of the time, we’re too busy to see the beauty found in every day moments. My lifestyle sessions aim to do just that – discover joy right where you are. Whether its a wood-burning stove, shadows on the wall, your favorite plants,  a cooling pie on the counter, or a kiddo in their play space. … Read More lifestyle sessions

mindful cooking.

There’s a renewed purpose that ignites when I practice mindfulness during every-day tasks. I like to practice this when I cook. I honor the ingredients, the labor that harvested them, and the earth that sustained them. And all of the sudden, in the middle of a messy kitchen, I’ve embarked on a spiritual practice. One that turns my redundant mindset, to one of reverence. … Read More mindful cooking.